The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 48 – Arminius and Wesley

Most people don’t know the difference between the teachings of Jacob Arminius and John Wesley. How do their teachings compare to those of Calvin and each other? What do they look like in a modern context. Dr. Fernandes explains.

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 45 – Inclusivism

Dr. Fernandes looks at modern inclusivism. Although many may think it is synonymous with the popular “everyone gets saved” philosophy, there are important difference that you may recognize in your church. Listen as Dr. Fernandes discusses what it is and what it isn’t.

I Speak, Therefore I Am

Dr. Fernandes offers some plain spoken advice about living as a Christian in modern America. It both sobering and enlightening – yet it is also hopeful.

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 43 – Omniscience

What does it mean that God is everywhere? Is he like a god in pantheism – where God is the universe, therefore he is always present? How is this possible? Can other beings be everywhere all the time as well? Dr. Fernandes, as always, answers these questions.

Current Battle for the Bible

From the 2018
International Society of Christian Apologetics
Northwest Conference

In a growing of Evangelical schools today, the meaning of biblical inerrancy is changing. Instead of holding trust in the Bible as a reliable source of truth, many are bowing to social pressure to reinterpret Biblical passages, ignore core doctrines, and even reject basic historical accounts of the Apostles.

Listen as Dr. Fernandes first presents the history of this movement and then confronts both its premises and its conclusions.

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 40 – Eternality

When may of us think of eternity, we think of endless time. This is how it is often portrayed in popular television shows and movies. Since we know that God is not a physical being like we are, and that God does not exist in time like we do, how do we explain it in terms of God?

What does it mean to say that God is eternal?

Dr. Fernandes explains how we should view God’s existence in terms of time and what it means for him to be eternal.