Month: March 2009

ABC Televised Debate: Does Satan Exist?

The Friday, March 20th 2009, ABC TV’s Nightline will be filming a “Face Off” debate covering the topic “Does Satanl Exist?” at the Mars Hill Ballard Campus. It is scheduled to air as a multi-part debate series on ABC. Those invited to the debate are nationally known, controversial personalities.

Against Satan’s Existence: Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Bishop Calton Pearson

Bishop Pearson’s controversial Gospel of Inclusion, now in book form, is the culmination of a “revelation” the Bishop claims he had over a decade ago. With a large pentecostal congregation inherited from his father, Bishop Pearson began wrestling with an ago old question: Why would a loving God send his children to hell?

After years of wrestling with the issue, he began to doubt whether Satan or hell existed. Eventually a “revelation” came to him, and he decided that Hell did not exist. As a result, noone is sentenced to hell, rendering proselytizing and dogmas

Against Satan’s Existence: Deepak Chopra.

Deepak ChopraAs president of the “Alliance for a New Humanity”, Deepak Chopra is an international speaker and lecturer on spiritual issues. He has published several books, including his latest: Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment. Well received by American audiences, Deepak will definitely bring a more palatable version of the eastern worldview to the debate.

For Satan’s Existence: Pastor Mark Driscoll.

Pastor Phil Driscoll

Mars Hill Church is one of the fastest growing churches in the Northwest. To keep up with the huge growth curve, they have a lead speaking Pastor, Mark Driscoll. Each Sunday he preaches via satellite, being broadcast to numerous campus churches across the Puget Sound area, including: Bellevue, Olympia, and Downtown Seattle.

A controversial figure, Pastor Driscoll is known for tackling the toughest Biblical issues in very non-traditional ways. Although traditional in theology, the methods employed are not. This has spawned criticism from both the right and left sides of the political and religious spectrum.

Attacked in the press and online, Pastor Driscoll still takes on national and international speaking engagements despite the pressure. For those in his congregation, Pastor Driscoll is an entertaining and unapologetic pastor, approaching tough issues using humor to soften the blow.

For Satan’s Existence: Annie Lobert.

HeidiA former high-priced call girl herself, Annie Lobert now reaches out to the escorts and prostitutes walking the streets of her adopted home town, Las Vegas. Her foundation, “Hookers for Jesus”, ministers to those trapped in the industry, intimidated by pimps, or just looking for a way out. Each night, she personally walks the streets handing out Bibles and spreading the message of hope, “You don’t have to live this way.” She has a powerful testamony and has been featured on several network television shows, including the 700 Club and Life Today with James and Betty Robinson.

For more information on the story on the ABC Nightline website.

Is Matt Coombe Crazy?

Apparently. IBD vice president and professor Matt J Coombe has admitted talking to himself on a regular basis. He even went so far as to admit that sometimes it turns into a conversation between alter egos or separate personalities, each residing only in Matt’s head. What a wild and unexpected discovery!

Matt J Coombe

So, what are they discussing? Being Matt Coombe, the alter egos are found reasoning amongst themselves, often appearing to form a round-table discussion, exploring some spiritual truth or personal insight. Well, at least they’re seeking after God.

Oh, I should mention that for those close to him, this isn’t something well hidden. Everybody knows about it. His girlfriend talks about it. Not even his writing is immune, sometimes forming into more of a script than an essay. What is going on?

If you’re curious, take a listen to this weeks installment of the spiritual disciplines series, “Spiritual Disciplines part 4: Journaling“. Matt explains his own inner workings while enlightening you to how he has grown so strong in the Lord. Through anecdote and testimony, scripture and insight, Matt carries you through the process of the “lost art of journaling”.

Some of you probably didn’t even know journaling was a spiritual discipline. According to Mr. Coombe, your journal is the most important spiritual resource you have outside of the Word of God itself. Find out in this week’s installment.

But wait, there’s more! Enjoying “The Christian World View” show? There’s another great episode just waiting for you. The title of this week’s show is: “Classical Thought – Modern Day.”

Here, Matt Coombe interviews Dr. Fernandes while they explore the great philosophers of the infamous Medeval period of world history. It wasn’t quite as dark as many of us think. Some of the greatest works of Christian thought came out of this period. Get it, put in on the iPod, and enjoy!

Lastly, I’ve been told that the institute is turning out another work, “The Atheist Delusion.” An obvious take-off of Dr. Dawkins famous “The God Delusion” I’m certain it’ll be a fun and interesting read. More on that as it comes.

So many blessings, so little room on the iPod.

Spiritual Disciplines Continued

This week, I’m happy to report there’s more good stuff from IBD.

Matt Coombe released Spiritual Disciplines Part 3: Memorization, a continuation of the ongoing Spiritual Disciplines series. In case you missed it, Spiritual Disciplines Part 2: Meditation is still available.

These lectures cover not only Matt’s personal thoughts and ideas for embracing scripture in both your heart and mind, but also relates many personal stories about his struggles and triumphs with learning and knowing the Word of God.

If you are interested in hearing how to really and truly learn, embrace, and love the Word of God, and through it, transform your heart, your mind, and then your life, this series is a must! Put in on your iPod. Take it for a walk. Listen at the gym. Just don’t miss out!

Also on the menu is “Refuting Mormonism part 2“, another episode of “The Christian World View”. This weeks topic is the third of three major issues this series focuses on.

Have Mormon friends and want to be an effective witness? Need to gently guide them through their own false belief systems and into the truth? This two part series is sure to give you the tools you need to cover the basics of their beliefs and how to remove the “stumbling stones” between them and considering Christ.

Dr. Fernandes Speaks on the World Today

Good news! The Institute of Biblical Defense has turned out some brand new material. This audio, which is part of a new series, stars Matt Coombs as host and Dr. Fernandes as residing expert. Its format isn’t quite interview … I’d say more radio talk show format.

Here’s a list of the currently available titles:

  1. Refuting Globalism and the New World Order
  2. The New Atheism
  3. One Nation Under Paganism
  4. One Nation Under Paganism II

I’ve found them very enlightening and entertaining. They gave me a new perspective on God’s view of government and our modern American mindset.

If you get the opportunity, let Dr. Fernandes or Mr. Coombe know you enjoyed their show. Enjoy!