God is Bigger than Our Problems

Dr. Phil Fernandes
Pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship
President of the Institute of Biblical Defense

The Israelite army prepared for battle on one mountain, while their enemies, the Philistines, stationed themselves on another mountain. In the valley between the two mountains stood a Philistine giant named Goliath. Standing over nine feet tall, he was known for his fierce hand-to-hand combat tactics. The giant blasphemed the God of Israel and challenged the Israelites to send out one of their soldiers to battle with him.

Saul was the King of Israel and his nation’s greatest warrior. Though much shorter than Goliath, Saul was by far the tallest Israelite (1 Samuel 9:2). However, Saul did not have the faith to come down from the mountain and into the valley to fight the blaspheming Philistine giant. Instead, he offered a reward to any brave Israelite who would accept Goliath’s challenge. Like their king, the other Israelite warriors did not have the courage to fight the giant.

David was only a shepherd boy of Israel. He was merely a youth and not yet considered a warrior. He left his flocks to deliver food to his brothers who were Israelite warriors. It was then that he heard the mighty Philistine combatant blaspheme the God of Israel. David remembered how God had given him the victory over a lion and a bear when he was protecting his sheep. David sensed that God was calling him to fight Goliath and that God would deliver the giant into his hands on that day.

The young shepherd boy came down from the mountain and walked into the “valley of the shadow of death.” David moved towards Goliath knowing that only one of them would leave the valley alive. David trusted his God, the God of Israel, to give him the victory. He recognized that the battle belonged to the Lord.

David ran towards the battle line and slung a stone into the forehead of the massive giant. Suddenly, Goliath’s huge body lifelessly dropped to the ground. As the ground shook from the impact, there was silence in the Philistine camp, for their champion was beaten. David then took Goliath’s own sword and beheaded the fallen ruffian. The Philistines fled when they saw their champion defeated, but the Israelite army pursued them and conquered them in battle.

Like David, we often face problems in life that are bigger that we are. Therefore, we should follow David’s example by remembering that, though our problems are often bigger than us, God is bigger than any problem we will ever face. When we are in the valley of the shadow of death, we should fear no evil, for God is with those who trust in Him for salvation (Psalm 23:4; Romans 10:13).

God is still in the business of killing giants. If His mighty warriors lack the faith necessary to defeat the giants of our day, then God will use a willing shepherd boy to get the job done. Our size and ability is not the issue; the size and ability of our God is what matters. If you worship the true God, always remember that “the battle is the Lord’s” (1 Samuel 17:47).