Month: May 2009

Prayer: Speak to God

Jesus praying in GethsemaneWhen Matt Coombe wants to get personal, he has a very open way of doing it. When speaking about prayer, Mr. Coombe has no problem handing out his own experiences like free candy. This is really an opportunity for us to learn.

In this episode of Spiritual Disciplines, Mr. Coombe delves into the suprising simplicity of prayer. I know you’ve probably heard great speakers cover the topic from one end to the other. That said, this isn’t one of those speeches. This is a personal look into the prayer life of a dedicated Christian; It is a hand to help you along.

It seems like there should be some formula or chart or list to go about it. Listen in as Matt gives you the important and most relevant facts about the Spiritual Discipline of Prayer.

The Transition Begins

Now that I’ve had the opportunity discuss the site with Dr. Fernandes, it looks like we’re ready to begin the transition from Biblical to this site. What does this entail? I, the webmaster, will be moving all the papers, articles, and other material from the old site to this one.  It won’t happen over night, but I assure everyone that no matter how long it takes, nothing from the old site will be missing.

Existence of God Debate DVD CoverSo this leads to the question: “What’s new with this site?” Excellent question! Phil includes YouTube videos of Phil in action, information about the staff of the institute, a list of events Dr. Fernandes will participate in, and of course, this blog, giving you insight into both the course of the Institute and the mind of its webmaster. That said, the most important new feature we’ve added is the IBD store. Get the latest books, DVD’s, and other goodies from the institute.

I’m not done yet, though. I’m in the process of creating more material for the institute. We’ve got two very ambitious projects in the works. First, we’re digitizing all 56 sermons of the new “Sermon on the Mount” series (the old series has a mere 16) for release in either MP3 format or CD. Secondly, Phil’s new book, The Atheist Delusion, will soon be available in an audio format(s).  For those of you not able to find the time in your busy schedule to read Dr. Fernandes’ latest work, I hope my verbal rendition does it justice.

Glory to God! The institute is on the move. Be prepared for more!

Spiritual Gifts: A Waste of Time?

Once again Mr. Coombe demolishes the traditional to make way for the truth. In his treatment of the Spiritual Discipline of Spiritual Gifts, Mr. Coombe askes the obvious, but always overlooked question, “If you’re not living a life that follows after the Lord, why are you seeking to use special gifts to serve Him?”

Francis of assisi preaching to the birds

Apparently, trying to “serve” the Lord without following him is just a waste of time. Is this you? Do you feel like you could be serving the Lord with a special gift but something is holding you back? You think it’s the devil? Maybe it’s you. Maybe God isn’t letting you serve him yet; Maybe He’s waiting for you to first seek intimate fellowship with Him.

Hey, maybe you are seeking after the Lord and you’re ready to use your gifts. Where do you start?

In this enlightening recording, Matt outlines his own struggle to find the right way to express his gift.  He also follows the twists and turns involved in discerning what is your spiritual gift as opposed to your “natural” gifts.

Want to serve the Lord and His people with your spiritual gift? Listen and learn.

God is Looking for Rock Stars

You know what’s cool about being a rock star? It’s like being on permanent vacation. Whether you’re surrounded by fans and rolling in cash or traveling with your smelly crew in an undersized van, you love every minute of it. Even when no one’s listening and no one cares, you play and sing with all your heart. It’s in your nature; It’s who you are and there’s nothing else you could ever imagine doing!
Rock Star Silhouette
God is looking for rock stars. He seeking out people whose very nature is to serve others in His name. For these service rock stars, refusing to serve is like refusing to breathe. They are disciplined to serve, not out of compulsion or duty but though humility and love.

It may sound like some fantasy (like actually becoming a famous rock star), but Matt Coombe is not daunted. During a Sunday evening service you’ll not likely forget,  he passionately and effectively covers the Spiritual Discipline of Service. Colored with wonderfully honest anecdotes, this is an entertaining and enlightening message you do not want to miss. If you’re not a service rock star, loving to serve no matter what the situation, I dare you listen. You will be moved by this stirring exhortation.

Post Modernism Unravelled

Dr. Fernandes unravels the philosophical mystery, underpinnings and weaknesses of Post Modernism.

Fernandes vs Tabash (Post-game Review)

As many of you already know, Dr. Fernandes debated Atheist Eddie Tabash at Washington State University recently. As per request, Dr. Fernandes and IBD vice president Matt Coombe took an episode of The Christian World View to discuss their take on the debate.

I found this entire discussion very enlightening, especially when they dealt with the internals of the debate. You’d be surprised what a debate is, and more importantly, what a debate isn’t supposed to be about. The rules, I learned, there for a very good reason.

On a presonal note, I enjoyed hearing Dr. Fernandes’ takes on how well he felt the arguments were carried out. I always enjoy his very honest and sincere views about where his arguments were strong during the debate and where he felt they were weak. This is a must if you plan on debating in an academic forum; there are alot of pitfalls you can avoid through his experience.

As always, there’s more to come!

The Atheist Delusion is in Stores Now!

For those of you waiting patiently for Dr. Fernandes’ latest book, The Atheist Delusion, your time has come. Now available at your favorite book retailers (get it now on, The Atheist Delusion is a straight-forward to powerful response to Dr. Richard Dawkins popular publication, The God Delusion.

The Atheist Delusion
The Atheist Delusion

Confronting the new militant atheism, Dr. Fernandes not only refutes Dr. Dawkins, but outlines the worldviews (or non-worldviews) involved in the thought process. If you want to see the real truth behind the modern atheist lies, this is a surprisingly inexpensive must-have.

Want to get a head start while you’re waiting for your copy? Listen to Matt Coombe and Dr. Fernandes discuss the meaning behind the book in the latest episode of The Christian World View. Listen to it from the embedded player now.

Share this with your friends! Confronting and defeating the most popular atheist arguments can definitely help remove the stumbling blocks that keep your friends and family from  the salvation that comes only through Christ. Don’t let baseless popular objections to God keep anyone from listening to the Gospel.

Please, please, post your comments on this book. Post them on, Barnes and Noble, post them on this site. Rate it as well! We want to hear from you! What did you find the most useful or helpful? Did the book strengthen your or a friend’s faith? How can it be better? What arguments should be addressed in the future? As faithful stewards of God’s grace, we humbly await your feedback.

The Webmaster is Back

After a wonderful wedding in the little town of Athol, MA, and quite an adventure in Las Vegas, your webmaster has returned to Washington to resume his post. Of course, I’ve been barraged with a host of questions since my return. In response, I’ve created this FAQ:

1) How does it feel to be married?

It doesn’t feel any different. I suppose it takes time for that realization to sink in.

2) What did you do in Las Vegas?

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Since Katie formerly lived in Vegas, she made a perfect tour guide. We began at the “locals” casinos (i.e. the smaller ones off the main “strip”) and then proceeded to larger and grander venues. In the midst of that, we also trekked to the Hoover dam (an amazing feat of engineering) and caught a movie.

The locals’ casinos were mostly as I’d expected: good buffets, family oriented entertainment (bowling, movies, etc) and a little shopping. In comparison, the grand casinos on the strip were outrageous. The architecture was jaw-dropping. Huge Roman facades and statues decorated fountains while ornate paintings and amazing chandeliers shone from the ceilings. Each featured a theme, often featuring a city (sky included), where you could almost swear you were in a small town in Italy or in the streets of New York. Outside, brilliant and massive shows featured volcano’s, pirates, and timed fountains dancing to the rhythm of a beautiful and dramatic melody.

On a side note, we made $100 by watching a pilot for a television drama set in Miami and participating in a focus group at the MGM Grand. Nice.

The bad part? The prices were outrageous on the strip. $7 for an ordinary sandwich … seriously? Smoking in allowed inside … need I say more? And if you really enjoy scantily clad women serving you food, dancing in cages, and flashing at you from marquee’s of every size, shape and color, the Vegas strip is the place for you.

Lastly, I was surprised to find a number of Christians there, including the recently departed Danny Gans (entertainer of the year 11 times). They held onto their faith in the midst of greed and vice, addiction and humiliation. I suspect the other marquee entertainers on the strip are either Christian or lean that way. It was interesting and encouraging at the same time. I’m not sure what to think about it. How do you feel about it?