Month: October 2009

Refuting the New Atheists

With his second class at the 2009 AWANA conference in Everett, WA, Dr. Fernandes takes on the great villains of his latest book: Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins.  Their angry and belittling attacks on religion (and Christianity especially) are designed to demoralize religious people and break their faith. In fact, he would like to prevent people from speaking the name of Christ through intimidation alone.

Good new. He will fail. Here’s the video.

Refuting the New Skepticism

Speaking at an AWANA conference in Everett, WA, Dr. Fernandes defends the true Jesus of history and the veracity of the Bible. Misguided scholars, such as author Bart Ehrman, use well-known New Testament manuscript variants and controvertial verses as an excuse to reject all biblical texts. This is the New Skepticism.  True to the motto of the institute, Dr. Fernandes upholds and defends the Christian faith with solid facts, humoruos anecdotes and common sense.

Did Jesus Exist?

For those of you who enjoy the “Christian World View”, this is one you won’t want to miss. Here Matt Coombe and Dr. Fernandes discuss information I’ve been waiting to hear for quite a while. Bert Ehrman is in view here and the dynamic apologetic duo offer a solid apologetic response to his near atheistic hyper-skepticism. The scriptures of God are defended against those who would bring their accuracy into doubt and the historicity of the Jesus of the Bible is given a solid base in fact. Listen, enjoy, learn.