Month: February 2010

The Stages of the Decay of a Civilization

This is an excerpt from Dr. Fernandes’ book, “God, Government and the Road to Tyranny“.
God, Government and the Road to Tyranny
In Romans 1:18-32, the Apostle Paul spells out what I call “the stages of the decay of a civilization.”
  1. The first stage is the rejection of the God of creation (vs 18-22). Even though the invisible God has clearly revealed His existence to man through His visible creation, many people (and civilizations) continue to reject Him.
  2. The second stage is idolatry, the worship of false gods. The worship of the creation replaces the worship of the Creator God (vs 23-25).
  3. The third stage is widespread sexual immorality and wickedness (vs 26-31). Paul emphasizes the sinful homosexual lifestyle as characteristic of this stage.
  4. But the fourth and final stage of decay of a civilization is the active acceptance and promotion of evil (vs 32). Today, this is called “political correctness,” “the new morality,” or “the new tolerance.” America, as well as all of Western Civilization, is at this final stage of decay. God’s judgment is near.
In short, the new tolerance is no tolerance at all. If it continues to become more widespread, it will lead to the persecution of traditional Christians and Jews, but it will also bring God’s judgment. Therefore, America must heed God’s warning, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20).

The Nature of Reality Series Begins

Nature of Reality PosterEveryone believes they live in the real world. We see, feel, taste and smell real things everyday. Therefore, for most of us, this is our reality.

However, most people never confront the nature of their reality. In their eyes, either something is real or it isn’t. Why ask what is real when the answer is apparent and obvious? Although such esoteric questions may occasionally cross their minds, these deep and meaningful questions are more often merely tossed aside. Who has time to investigate the meaning of life and the nature of existence?

Matthew J Coombe, Vice president of the Institute of Biblical Defense proudly announces the beginning of his latest lecture / discussion series entitled, “The Nature of Reality”. Is this series, Matthew will start with the basics and cover, precisely and succinctly, the philosophical foundations of reality: What is truth? What is real? Can we trust what we see, hear, taste and touch?

If you’re in the Seattle area, we invite you to attend the series each Sunday evening at the Grange Hall on Clear Creek road in Silverdale. The first lecture begins at 6pm on February 28th, 2010. If you’re not in the area, the audio version will be available shortly thereafter.

We look forward

More Q&A with Dr. Fernandes

In line with the previous Q&A with Dr. Fernandes, these videos also confront questions often asked by a skeptical and curious public. The two questions asked here are more “popular” level questions for both new Christians and skeptics:

“How can you know the Holy Spirit is in you?”

“Is There Salvation for Fallen Angels?”