Month: August 2010

Dr. Fernandes on The Gospel Word

The Gospel WordAs part of their new radio ministry, The Gospel Word has invited Dr. Phil Fernandes of the Institute of Biblical Defense to host his own show. Speaking on a broad range of topics, this show is going to cover a number of topics in series format. Expect to hear such topics as: apologetics, modern politics and how to be a better Christian in a secular world. In short, each series will provide an in depth analysis of issues relevant to today’s Christian.

We invite you to head on over to on the evening of September 3rd and listen. If not, we’ll post each installment here.

Is Jesus a Legend?

That’s right. Back up from the grave in a miraculous resurrection comes the Jesus-was-a-myth argument. It has reemerged from the depths of obscurity to plague the world of both Christians and true biblical researchers alike. Dr. Fernandes looks this issue square in the eye and tackles the people, places and events used in the failed attempts to discredit Jesus.