Refuting the “Christ Myth” Theory


It’s back! Just when you thought it was dead, the corpse of the 19th century “Christ Myth” hypothesis has emerged from its grave to haunt the living. Popularized online by the “Zeitgeist” movie, it purports that Jesus never actually existed. Instead, ancient pagan myths and deities became mixed with first century Jewish expectations of a messiah; It was from that fire that the Christ character was forged.

Once the idea gained traction, the early church embraced this legendary “god man”, the long expected messiah, creating around him a new Jewish sect called later called Christianity. Given a legendary history by the Apostles, this pagan-turned-Jewish “god man” character went from god-man to god … and so pagan ideas were slowly morphed from Roman and Greek deities into a Christian character called “Jesus the Christ”.

Drawing out the real facts about both ancient pagan deities and the first century church, Dr. Fernandes thoroughly refutes this newly revived 19th century hypothesis.

Each 45 minute video represents a segment of the talk. Feel free to enjoy both at once or individually at your convenience.

Part 1

Part 2