Month: September 2011

Journey Through the Bible: The Parable of The Sower

Taken from Matthew chapter 13, Dr Fernandes speaks on sharing the Salvation of Jesus with non believers, how different people react and what can happen in the hearts of those who hear the message.

Reformation: The 5 Solas (Part 1)

Dr. Phil Fernandes teaches on The Reformation and resulting 5 Solas. Using these, he attempts to clearly and simply explain what is and what is not part of Salvation (i.e. what is essential to the believer). Much of this is spend on the differences between the Catholic and Protestant views of salvation.


Introduction to Apologetics

Speaking at the Alliance Church in Tacoma, Washington, Dr Fernandes gives an overview of his 60 lecture introduction to Apologetics course in a condensed, 60 minute lecture.