Month: August 2017

Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 4 – Is There Life on Other Planets

Are there aliens out there? We see them on TV and in the movies. We imagine them through cartoons and video games in every shape, size, and color. What does the Bible say?

In truth, the Bible doesn’t concern itself with whether there is life other places in the universe. We know there are spiritual beings who sometimes masquerade as aliens, but is there actual life out there – and what would that mean? Dr. Fernandes confronts these questions.


Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 3 – The Moral Argument for God

We would all agree that morals exist. Even those who deny moral value live as if they’re real. Do you know anyone who won’t complain if they’re stuff gets stolen? So how do we make a case for the existence of God using the morals that we live by and from our daily experience.

Dr. Fernandes starts from the premise that we live as if morals exist and following the logic to God.

Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 2 – What About Those Who Never Heard the Gospel

Since God doesn’t just show up on mountain tops and say, “Here I am! Believe in me!”, there are people in the world who have never heard of Jesus or the gospel. How will God judge them?

The scriptures give us a clear picture of how this works and what God expects from people, even those who have never heard his name. So listen as Dr. Fernandes explains what the scriptures have to say on this topic.



The Phil Fernandes Show: Episode 1 – Do All Religions Lead to God?

There are people today who would argue that all religions lead to God. Many eastern religious are certainly compatible with such a view.

For example, most Hindu’s would argue this point. Hinduism offers numerous gods and deities to choose from when it comes to devotion. One might ask, “Who are you to say one is better than the other?”

Some western Buddhists would also argue this point – the Buddha himself being agnostic. So, some might say, everyone seeking after the divine will find the it.

Lastly, in our modern world, many people claim to be “spiritual” but not religious. This often results in a return to ancient pagan thought forms where everyone had their own household idols.

What is the truth?