Month: September 2017

Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 6 – Argument From Existential Reality

The great Christian philosopher and theologian, Thomas Aquinas, offered 5 arguments for the existence of God. The third argument begins with a fundamental question: If everything has the possibility of both existing and not existing, if we are given enough time, wouldn’t everything eventually cease to exist? If the past is eternal, why are we still here?

Listen as Dr. Fernandes explains the argument and what it means for the case of God’s existence.


Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 5 – The Kalaam Cosmological Argument

According to the first law of thermodynamics, there is a finite amount of usable energy in any closed system – like the universe. A closed system will go from order to disorder as the amount of energy is reduced. Thus the theorized heat-death of the universe.

Dr. Fernandes uses and defends an ancient argument for the existence of God based on this modern idea. If there is an orderly universe, there must be a cause of the order.