Month: January 2018

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 15 – Scientology

What is the church of scientology? We know alot of celebrities found it attractive a few years back.  We also know that Germany removed its status as a religion, claiming it was actually a business. The FBI found a “hit list” during a raid in LA which resulted in arrests and jail time.

So what happened to L. Ron Hubbard? What is the “church” he founded?


The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 14 – Dealing With Moral Dilemmas

In real life, we are sometimes faced with no-win situations where there is no “good” way out. In such cases, how do we choose the best course of action? What if we are torn between to good choices? How do we know which “good” we should choose?

Dr. Fernandes looks at Moral Dilemmas and how we can navigate the often gray moral waters of real life.