Month: February 2018

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 20 – Calvinism

One of longest running debates in Protestant circles is the difference between what is called “Calvinism” and its supposed opposition: “Arminianism”. In this video, Dr. Fernandes explains the difference between the two and where the Institute stands.


The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 19 – The Gospel

Even for experienced Christians, summing up the Gospel message isn’t an easy thing to do. We may know what it is, but it got complicated somewhere along the way – making it difficult for us to put it in just a few sentences. So Dr. Fernandes sums up the gospel in a nutshell to resimplify the gospel in both our minds and in our speech.

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 17 – The Ontological Argument

Dr. Fernandes looks at the Ontological argument for God’s existence. This argument begins with the concept of “God” and follows modal logic to the existence of a “God”. Dr. Alvin Plantinga had nearly 100 steps in his argument, so Dr. Fernandes simplifies the argument into layman’s terms.

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 16 – Racism

According to the Bible, we are all one “race”. The idea of race is, however, something relevant to our current culture. And the problem of people calling eachother “racist” is a real problem in our current culture. So Dr. Fernandes offers a plain and Biblical view of modern racism and how Christians should respond.