Gabe Ginorio

After military service, bible college, a state college, and nearly a decade as a worship leader, I have found myself in Seattle, Washington. I decided to take advantage of my Communications degree and programming skills to assist Dr. Fernandes in his mission to spread the truth of the Gospel of Christ.

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 15 – Scientology

What is the church of scientology? We know alot of celebrities found it attractive a few years back.  We also know that Germany removed its status as a religion, claiming it was actually a business. The FBI found a “hit list” during a raid in LA which resulted in arrests and jail time.

So what happened to L. Ron Hubbard? What is the “church” he founded?


The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 14 – Dealing With Moral Dilemmas

In real life, we are sometimes faced with no-win situations where there is no “good” way out. In such cases, how do we choose the best course of action? What if we are torn between to good choices? How do we know which “good” we should choose?

Dr. Fernandes looks at Moral Dilemmas and how we can navigate the often gray moral waters of real life.


The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 13 – The Islamic Faith

Dr. Fernandes answers a question about the basics of Islam. In this video, Dr. Fernandes offers a bare bones overview of Islam from its origins in the 7th century, to some rudimentary metaphysics, to modern basic beliefs. Lastly, he looks at some of the modern issues surrounding Islam as well as some rational thinking about our reaction to Islam.

Did Jesus Really Exist?

From the “Speaking Truth in Love 2017” conference, Dr. Phil Fernandes first defines and then refutes the “Jesus Myth” hypothesis. He shows how both skeptics and believers who understand the world of the first century find the idea of a real, historical Jesus the best explanation of the available evidence. In addition, Dr. Fernandes examines some of the theories used by popular level proponents of the Jesus myth hypothesis.

The Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 10 – Argument From Modal Logic

The philosopher and theologian, Dr. Alvin Plantinga, argued to God using modal logic. He claimed that there must be a “greatest possible being”. This being must exist – but does it exist in our universe? Dr. Fernandes breaks down the argument in a way the lay person can understand.

Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 9 – The New Tolerance

In a short rant, Dr. Phil Fernandes confronts the so-called “new tolerance” – known in other circles as political correctness or social justice. According to Dr. Fernandes, this new tolerance is, in fact, not tolerant at all.

This means that the beliefs of Christians are often the target of those who hold these beliefs. Only one way to heaven? Intolerant! The Bible says to follow the laws? Hateful! Respect law enforcement? Racist!

Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 8 – Evidence for Jesus Resurrection

The vast majority of Biblical scholars have concluded that the Apostles at least thought they had seen the risen Jesus. Some believe their account while others offer arguments against the miraculous resurrection of Jesus.

In this episode, Dr. Fernandes offers a good selection of arguments for the resurrection. These arguments aren’t complex and are meant to be used by the layman to defend the miracle of Christ rising from the dead.


Phil Fernandes Show – Episode 7 – Why are We Opposed to Abortion

How do we define “human life”? When does life begin and how do we know? For centuries, philosophers and ethicists have wrestled with these huge and imposing questions. Even today, with abortion being legal, the argument continues.

In this video, Dr Fernandes offers the Christian perspective on abortion, when life begins, and what it a human is.