Spiritual Disciplines

Prayer: Speak to God

Jesus praying in GethsemaneWhen Matt Coombe wants to get personal, he has a very open way of doing it. When speaking about prayer, Mr. Coombe has no problem handing out his own experiences like free candy. This is really an opportunity for us to learn.

In this episode of Spiritual Disciplines, Mr. Coombe delves into the suprising simplicity of prayer. I know you’ve probably heard great speakers cover the topic from one end to the other. That said, this isn’t one of those speeches. This is a personal look into the prayer life of a dedicated Christian; It is a hand to help you along.

It seems like there should be some formula or chart or list to go about it. Listen in as Matt gives you the important and most relevant facts about the Spiritual Discipline of Prayer.

Spiritual Gifts: A Waste of Time?

Once again Mr. Coombe demolishes the traditional to make way for the truth. In his treatment of the Spiritual Discipline of Spiritual Gifts, Mr. Coombe askes the obvious, but always overlooked question, “If you’re not living a life that follows after the Lord, why are you seeking to use special gifts to serve Him?”

Francis of assisi preaching to the birds

Apparently, trying to “serve” the Lord without following him is just a waste of time. Is this you? Do you feel like you could be serving the Lord with a special gift but something is holding you back? You think it’s the devil? Maybe it’s you. Maybe God isn’t letting you serve him yet; Maybe He’s waiting for you to first seek intimate fellowship with Him.

Hey, maybe you are seeking after the Lord and you’re ready to use your gifts. Where do you start?

In this enlightening recording, Matt outlines his own struggle to find the right way to express his gift.  He also follows the twists and turns involved in discerning what is your spiritual gift as opposed to your “natural” gifts.

Want to serve the Lord and His people with your spiritual gift? Listen and learn.

God is Looking for Rock Stars

You know what’s cool about being a rock star? It’s like being on permanent vacation. Whether you’re surrounded by fans and rolling in cash or traveling with your smelly crew in an undersized van, you love every minute of it. Even when no one’s listening and no one cares, you play and sing with all your heart. It’s in your nature; It’s who you are and there’s nothing else you could ever imagine doing!
Rock Star Silhouette
God is looking for rock stars. He seeking out people whose very nature is to serve others in His name. For these service rock stars, refusing to serve is like refusing to breathe. They are disciplined to serve, not out of compulsion or duty but though humility and love.

It may sound like some fantasy (like actually becoming a famous rock star), but Matt Coombe is not daunted. During a Sunday evening service you’ll not likely forget,  he passionately and effectively covers the Spiritual Discipline of Service. Colored with wonderfully honest anecdotes, this is an entertaining and enlightening message you do not want to miss. If you’re not a service rock star, loving to serve no matter what the situation, I dare you listen. You will be moved by this stirring exhortation.