The Nature of Reality

Nature of Reality Series: Truth (part 5)

In the last installment of his Nature of Reality series, IBD Vice President Matt Coombe looks to summarize and build upon the last 4 weeks of study. Here he looks at truth vs reality and comes to common sense conclusions many of us know instinctively but could never vocalize. More than that, he looks what is and what isn’t certain about reality and how that impacts what we can know.

Nature of Reality Series: Truth (part 4)

Roll up your sleeves. IBD Vice President Matt Coombe presents the long-awaited “Truth” segment of the Nature of Reality Series. He looks at what truth is, how much can we know and what parts we can be certain of. Facts and truths are compared; How can you tell the difference? Is there a difference? It’s a little shorter than the others but no less interesting and informative.

The “Nature of Reality” Series Continues

After a month-long hiatus to care for his new baby daughter, your friendly Webmaster has returned to duty. Many thanks to the Institute staff for their patience while I endured both the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. It is truly amazing how the miracle of life, given from the Lord, changes your perspective on everything; The only thing of yours that will follow you into eternity are your own children. I pray that, through His power, I will raise my children the knowledge and fear of the Lord.

That said, during my time off, IBD Vice President Matt Coombe has been a busy man. He has finished the “Nature of Reality” series. In the latest upload, part 2, Mr. Coombe starts with the basics of reality and moves to the two philosophies behind modern Christian thought.

He starts with this statement: “Where do we begin: Truth or Reality?” Can we use truth to determine reality or does reality determine truth? Through this examination of the search itself, Matt examines the philosophy of famous doubter Renee Descartes and the earliest philosophies of Aristotle and Plato.

You should begin to see the foundation of Christian and solid philosophical thought as you listen.

The Nature of Reality #1: Reality

I know many of  you have been waiting for this series to finally begin online. Here, we proudly present, is the first in the “Nature of Reality” series by IBD Vice President, Matthew Coombe. This first lecture is entitled, simply enough: Reality.

The Nature of Reality Series Begins

Nature of Reality PosterEveryone believes they live in the real world. We see, feel, taste and smell real things everyday. Therefore, for most of us, this is our reality.

However, most people never confront the nature of their reality. In their eyes, either something is real or it isn’t. Why ask what is real when the answer is apparent and obvious? Although such esoteric questions may occasionally cross their minds, these deep and meaningful questions are more often merely tossed aside. Who has time to investigate the meaning of life and the nature of existence?

Matthew J Coombe, Vice president of the Institute of Biblical Defense proudly announces the beginning of his latest lecture / discussion series entitled, “The Nature of Reality”. Is this series, Matthew will start with the basics and cover, precisely and succinctly, the philosophical foundations of reality: What is truth? What is real? Can we trust what we see, hear, taste and touch?

If you’re in the Seattle area, we invite you to attend the series each Sunday evening at the Grange Hall on Clear Creek road in Silverdale. The first lecture begins at 6pm on February 28th, 2010. If you’re not in the area, the audio version will be available shortly thereafter.

We look forward