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Did Jesus Exist?

For those of you who enjoy the “Christian World View”, this is one you won’t want to miss. Here Matt Coombe and Dr. Fernandes discuss information I’ve been waiting to hear for quite a while. Bert Ehrman is in view here and the dynamic apologetic duo offer a solid apologetic response to his near atheistic hyper-skepticism. The scriptures of God are defended against those who would bring their accuracy into doubt and the historicity of the Jesus of the Bible is given a solid base in fact. Listen, enjoy, learn.

Does God Commit Genocide?

Many atheists love attacking the Old Testament. This is especially true when God ordered the slaying of nations. Using the Israelites as the agents of divine judgement seems to strike a negative chord with many of those who object to Christianity. This gives them the opportunity to call the God of the Old Testament “evil”.

Dr. Fernandes and IBD vice president Matthew J. Coombe confront these objections with solid biblical understanding and scripture. If you’ve ever had this objection raised and wanted an answer, here they are:

Refuting the Gnostic Gospels

The Christian World View is back! Wasting no time on small talk, Dr. Fernandes and IBD vice-president Matthew Coombe immediately get to the subject at hand. The gnostic gospels are often used by hyper-skeptical critics in their attempts to discredit the Word of God. Coombe and Fernandes show how theses objections are clearly unjustified and without merit. The works of Bart Ehrman are especially in view.

Bart Ehrman’s Questionable Objections

Finally, The Christian World View is back on the air.  Wasting no time, Dr. Fernandes and Matt Coombe get right to the most relevant issues in the apologetics today.  In this episode, the questionable New Testament criticisms of Bart Ehrman Ph.D., chair of the Religious Studies department at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, are analyzed in light of modern scholarship.

Not scared to be honest and tough, Dr. Fernandes and Matt Coombe defend the Christian faith using the latest modern scholarship.  Find out who Bart Ehrman is, why he believes what he believes, where he comes from and how he draws his controversial conclusions. One by one, Ehrman’s criticisms about the unreliability of the New Testament manuscripts are tackled head-on.

Don’t be fooled by those purporting to prove the unreliability of the New Testament manuscripts; They are reliable.

Listen to this entertaining and enlightening episode now, online, click the PodCast icon to the right to use iTunes, or download this in mp3 format now.

Fernandes vs Tabash (Post-game Review)

As many of you already know, Dr. Fernandes debated Atheist Eddie Tabash at Washington State University recently. As per request, Dr. Fernandes and IBD vice president Matt Coombe took an episode of The Christian World View to discuss their take on the debate.

I found this entire discussion very enlightening, especially when they dealt with the internals of the debate. You’d be surprised what a debate is, and more importantly, what a debate isn’t supposed to be about. The rules, I learned, there for a very good reason.

On a presonal note, I enjoyed hearing Dr. Fernandes’ takes on how well he felt the arguments were carried out. I always enjoy his very honest and sincere views about where his arguments were strong during the debate and where he felt they were weak. This is a must if you plan on debating in an academic forum; there are alot of pitfalls you can avoid through his experience.

As always, there’s more to come!

The Atheist Delusion is in Stores Now!

For those of you waiting patiently for Dr. Fernandes’ latest book, The Atheist Delusion, your time has come. Now available at your favorite book retailers (get it now on, The Atheist Delusion is a straight-forward to powerful response to Dr. Richard Dawkins popular publication, The God Delusion.

The Atheist Delusion
The Atheist Delusion

Confronting the new militant atheism, Dr. Fernandes not only refutes Dr. Dawkins, but outlines the worldviews (or non-worldviews) involved in the thought process. If you want to see the real truth behind the modern atheist lies, this is a surprisingly inexpensive must-have.

Want to get a head start while you’re waiting for your copy? Listen to Matt Coombe and Dr. Fernandes discuss the meaning behind the book in the latest episode of The Christian World View. Listen to it from the embedded player now.

Share this with your friends! Confronting and defeating the most popular atheist arguments can definitely help remove the stumbling blocks that keep your friends and family from  the salvation that comes only through Christ. Don’t let baseless popular objections to God keep anyone from listening to the Gospel.

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